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Journey Beyond Fear Free Online Show

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Date: December 6th, 2022

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    Maggie M. Connor

    92 US Olympic Team, 94 World Professional Mogul Champion

    Sports Injury – Olympic Athlete
    “Ten weeks before the 92 Winter Olympic Games I was training in Tignes, France. I skied down the mogul course and on the first jump my ski pre-released and hit my left calf, splitting it open. A French doctor stitched up my leg and said I may never get feeling back in that area since there was severe nerve damage. Back in the States, I saw our ski team doctor who told me ‘if after one year I didn’t have feeling then it would never come back.’ By late November of ’93, one year later, there was a little improvement. I’d probably lost 90% of the feeling and at this time I had approximately 30%. I was pleased with the improvement but disappointed more hadn’t come back. I continued to weight-train and massage it in hopes the doctor was mistaken.

    I went to a weekend workshop of Judith’s in Los Angeles and worked on healing the trauma of my calf injury. I immediately felt “electrical currents” running up and down my leg. Three years and two months after my injury, I was having sensitivity and feelings where there were none! I believe my calf is at about 75% recovery of feeling!”