Spirituality & Intuition


“I think of God as the universal fabric of life force energy and each of us is a thread.” Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.

The HBLU ™ philosophy assumes that we all have a soul that is radiant, beautiful, wise and pure. Our souls, composed of God energy, embody in human form to:

  • make a unique and personal contribution to the world so that the world is a better place for our being here i.e., manifest our soul missions. When we do this, life feels worthwhile.
  • experience the fullness of life and all that it has to offer. We are tourists here. This means eat, drink, be merry, learn, love, travel, experience emotional ups and downs, learn about your body and other life-forms on the planet, etc. Life is fascinating!

The happiest people we know are people who are consciously aware of and doing their soul mission (and in the best case scenario making a living at it). They feel that their lives have meaning and purpose. They typically feel connected with God as a Divine source of support, comfort, and guidance.

Using HBLU ™ for spiritual healing you will be able to:

  • Find and feel your personal connection with God (and by extension with all living things) inside of and all around you.
  • Define and manifest your soul mission so you have a satisfying, happy, and rewarding life
  • Feel part of a larger world community (religious or otherwise).
  • Intuition, Learn To Use and Trust Your Psychic Ability

Do you sometimes have a feeling, hunch or intuition about a situation that you just can’t explain? Did you ever ignore that hunch and get into trouble? Do you ever suspect you have some psychic ability, and you’d like to develop it further? Everyone has some degree of psychic ability, but most people ignore these subtle signals. With HBLU ™ we can help you:

  • access your own inner spiritual guide
  • distinguish real intuition from emotional reactions and imagination
  • see auras, feel people’s energy fields,
  • read minds while understanding the limits of your accuracy
  • determine where psychic messages are coming from and how accurate they are
  • tune in to guidance from your team of angels and guides
  • develop any actual psychic and healing talent
  • protect yourself from entities from the dark.

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    Randy Deats

    Dance Professional

    “I came to Judith A. Swack & Associates at the advice of my physician. Some three years of debilitating foot pain left me unable to dance – my line of work. My search for cures for the Morton’s Neuromae had let to injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, multiple surgeries, shiatsu, herbal remedies, hypnosis, and past life regression.

    I described my first session with Dr. Swack as an “altar call”. After outlining her approach and body-testing to determine that healing my feet was priority # 1, we moved on to the first of many “interventions”. The language and concepts were strange to me, but as I stood in her office I had an overwhelming sense of the presence and acceptance of God. (You may have another name for All-That-Is, or life-force, or …)

    In several months of sessions, I have had continuing improvement in my feet. I have taken on progressively more work and more activity outside of work. The unexpected plus – it is a big one – is that I am much more at peace, much less prone to depression, much happier and more capable in my relationships with others, and finally aware that there is the possibility of a relationship with God if I will allow it. Actually, there was always a relationship with God, I just wasn’t aware of it. I expected explicit dialog in english. So I’m learning to “listen” in a different way. This is at once exciting and reassuring, and I feel a sense of purpose/worth returning to my life.”

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    Alan Simbers

    Ph.D. CCS, CADC

    “It is not a particularly common experience to attend a workshop and to be able to say that it transformed your life. However, Judith Swack is an uncommon healer and her removal of the Deathwish work is equally unusual. Suffice it to say that my experience in her Removal of the Deathwish workshop (American Humanistic Psychology conference 1999) changed my life by freeing me of a terrible burden that was preventing me from fully expressing my life’s purpose. In a sense, it removed a weight from my intention to help others. My thoughts flowed more easily which allowed me to communicate what I wanted to say in a more useful and meaningful way.”